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Please let me know about performances of my compositions and I welcome any recordings of my work you might make, whether from a phone or other equipment. Email recordings to me, or send a link from a cloud service (for example DropBox). Feel free to contact me with any questions about my work. More works will appear as I convert them into a suitable format.


Solo saxophone or ensemble(2016 edited 2018)

Somewhere, distant, the ancient mechanism of an old clock can only just be heard.

In 2016 I experimented with various types of articulation and their dynamic range. This resulted in a series of Mechanism Studies describing the inner workings of old clocks. Clockwork is a development of one of those studies. It is intentionally simple in nature; a single pitch, using a key to subtly alter timbre.

An important element of this piece is the description of the ancient mechanism. The performer should imagine the sound of the ancient clock mechanism. The resulting sounds from the tongue clicks required by this piece are quieter than you might expect.

A delicate and intricate texture is created during a group performance, similar to a clockwork mechanism.

Clockwork - as a trio (Sopranino, Soprano and Alto)
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Fragile Dyads

Solo or multiple alto saxophones(2015 edited 2017)

Fragile Dyads: small fragile units of sound building up into a larger moving texture. Narrow bands of controlled instability, exhibiting fragility and flaws giving a natural life span (World Saxophone Congress 2015).

This piece reflects the fragility and complexity of life. The dyads (two notes played simultaneously) are produced using specific saxophone multiphonics. They are deliberately moderately difficult to play in order to introduce an element of struggle and fragility. Although the dyads can sustain, they will eventually break (the performer/s should then move to the next dyad). In group performance each performer interprets the same graphic score, adding their individual voice to create an overall organic moving texture.

As a performer moves around the circle, the movement between dyads is heard, and the overlapping colours of dyads, especially in a large reverberant space. With more than one performer, the circles overlap, creating a complex detailed moving texture.

Ideally this piece should be performed in a large reverberant space. Multiple performers should be positioned around the performance area.

Fragile Dyads - University of Huddersfield Saxophone Ensemble; St Paul's Hall
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Feel free to use the contact form to discuss having lessons in my teaching studio (classical and jazz). An audio system is available to record and listen to material we study.


Workshops relate to, and improve, your instrumental performance. Recent workshop sessions include:

How do I sound like that?
An exploration of mouthpieces and reeds (classical and jazz), timbre and sound production.

A safe, non-threatening, comfortable approach to improvisation!

An introduction to jazz improvisation for (often anxious) players, with little or no experience.

Reed Alteration

A workshop demonstrating techniques to hone and fine tune your reeds.
Quirk Duo


The Quirk Duo is saxophonists Sarah Markham (Yamaha and Vandoren performing artist), and Kenneth Wilkinson. Between them they have a performing career spanning sixty years, enjoying many genres including solo recitals, opera, orchestral, jazz, pop and chamber music. The Quirk Duo is a distillation of those experiences, an exploration of possibilities.
Quirk Saxophone Quartet


The Quirk Saxophone Quartet is made up of like-minded saxophonists:

Sarah Markham - soprano
Kenneth Wilkinson - alto
Chris Jolly - tenor
Sarah Hind - baritone